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Orb Combat is Officially Out! Here are Some Freebies, Including the Game!

Out now for iPhone 4, 4S, 5 & 5S!

Version 1.00 out now for iPhone 4, 4S, 5 & 5S!

Orb Combat Simulator 2019 is a game about numbers and the ways they can relate to each other in a space.

It rewards careful thought and strategy rather than reflexes. All of the rules are explained to players upfront, and nothing needs to be unlocked to get better at the game. There is no fat, no filler. Those who pay close attention and learn how to operate within the game’s economy will feel rewarded. Everyone else will probably just feel annoyed.

Access to the totally free, no-strings-attached release OrCS 2019 is available right here, right now on the App Store!

After a shameful few months of allowing the Orb Combat Simulator project to languish, the Utah Raptor Games consortium has gotten its act together and finished the proper 1.00 version of the game. We’re hoping that people who enjoy the game will pay for the $1.99 Stats Upgrade, which simply catalogues and displays some fun information about your Orb Combat play habits.

The game is only for iPhones for now, but we’ll be watching for feedback, and if it does well we’ll figure out a way to adapt it for larger screens. Our solution to make the game work well on iPhone 5 and 5S was to use the same size game board as the one found on 4 and 4S. That way every player gets the same experience and is on an equal playing field when submitting scores to the global leaderboards. Other changes include much-needed clarifications in the tutorials, and numerous aesthetic upgrades.

Many players have noted that they love the game’s theme song, so we’d like to offer it to all of our fans for free download in MP3 format. The song is called “Gambol of the Somber Orb Combatant,” and it’s an original production by Clark Powell.

Keep your feedback about the game coming, and try to be the first in the world to topple Orb Combat lead designer Ryan Rigney from his position at the top of the game’s leaderboards! We know you can do better.


Out now on Ouya and Xbox Live Indie Games!

Out now on Ouya and Xbox Live Indie Games!

A mere five days before the retail launch of the Ouya—for the uninformed, that’s the $99, indie-friendly, Android-powered games console—FAST FAST LASER LASER is officially available on the Ouya store! That makes the game one of the 150 launch titles for the new system.

Utah Raptor Games can claim no responsibility for the phenomenal Ouya version of the game—the port was handled entirely by Steve Williams of Konaju Games. Steve, who is involved in the MonoGame project, was able to create a perfect port of FFLL in less than three weeks. That’s efficiency, people.

As of this writing, FFLL is still in the “Sandbox” on the Ouya store. That means it needs lots of people to go in and give it a good rating to make it into the regular section of the store with all the other big kids. Go try it out and tell us what you think!


GameSpot.com apparently has a Youtube video series with the professed goal of looking at Xbox games “both great and… really kind of weird.” FAST FAST LASER LASER made an appearance on the show (about four minutes into the embedded video).

Everything about this video is amazing to me. I loved how they were confused by the company logo. When, seconds into their first game, Tom realizes that his own laser is about to kill him and he begins running away and screaming “OH GOD,” I couldn’t stop laughing.

And then, the zinger.

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FFLL Release Bonanza and 120,000 Microsoft Points Giveaway!


Buy this garbage right now on Xbox Live Indie Games. Play it with friends! If you don’t have friends, that’s cool: we’ve got bots.

FAST FAST LASER LASER is officially out. You can buy it right here for just one dollar (or 80 Microsoft Points).


Every winning entrant has now received their Microsoft points card code via email. Congratulations to all those who won, and check your spam box if you think you may have won but didn’t receive anything!

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Doing Creative Work As A Young Person – Lessons Learned From Our First Game (Part 4/4)

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Your Video Game Hates You – Lessons Learned From Our First Game (Part 3/4)

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13 Minutes of FFLL Gameplay Footage

If you weren’t able to figure out how FAST FAST LASER LASER works from watching the gameplay trailer, this presents a much clearer pictures. It’s 13 minutes of mega-raw, unedited footage of the game in near-final form. Just me fighting against three vicious bots in 3-stock matches.

I’m the blue guy, by the way. It’s amazing how challenging these bots are, even for me, the designer of the game. Props to Tra’mel Morrison for creating our excellent AI algorithms! He’s a great guy to work with.

I shot this just a few days ago, and since then we’ve completely replaced the ugly 5th level with a way cooler one. I also made slight tweaks to the designs of all the other levels, and fixed the bugs that crop up in this video (most noticeably the one at the end, where the game doesn’t end even though I’ve killed all the bots).

Watch this in 1080p, if your connection allows it!