FFLL Release Bonanza and 120,000 Microsoft Points Giveaway!

by Ryan Rigney


Buy this garbage right now on Xbox Live Indie Games. Play it with friends! If you don’t have friends, that’s cool: we’ve got bots.

FAST FAST LASER LASER is officially out. You can buy it right here for just one dollar (or 80 Microsoft Points).


Every winning entrant has now received their Microsoft points card code via email. Congratulations to all those who won, and check your spam box if you think you may have won but didn’t receive anything!


Speaking of Microsoft points, I have some right here—120,000 Microsoft Points, in fact. That’s worth $1,500 USD. And I’m going to give every last one of them to you.

We have 75 codes, each of which is worth 1,600 MSP, or ($20). 75 of you will win, and all you have to do is participate in a little essay contest.

Just answer the following question in 600 words or less: “What can games do to change the world?”

This contest will end on Friday, December 14, 2012 at 11:59pm PST (that’s San Francisco Time).

Fun stories, references to the work of others who’ve thought about this question, and well-articulated insights are encouraged. If you somehow capture one or more of those things in only 10 words instead of 600, by all means, do so.

Input your answer into the comment field below, and EMAIL A COPY OF YOUR ANSWER TO MAIL@UTAHRAPTORGAMES.COM. If we pick your answer, we’ll email you a redeemable code worth 1600 MSP. Codes will be sent out by 12/25/12.

Of course, we’d like for you to use those points to buy FAST FAST LASER LASER, but we are also asking that winners use the money on other great Xbox indie games. We can’t make you spend the points on the Xbox Live Indie Games Channel, but we humbly ask that you do. Trust us, the guys making Call of Duty do not need your money as much as indie devs do. Below, we’ve provided a list of games that we think are awesome. One 1600 MSP card is enough to buy a copy of FAST FAST LASER LASER and a copy of ALL of these games, too! If you spend your winnings on the Xbox Live Indie Games Channel, you’ll get a whopping 16 great games. Good deal, no?

Remember that you’re only entered in the contest if you put your entry in both the comment form below AND in an email to mail@utahraptorgames.com. Good luck!

Note: Be sure to switch the below-embedded video to 1080p or 720p if you watch it!

Recommended Xbox Live Indie Games

Apple Jack 2 – 80 MSP – BUY IT HERE

Blocks That Matter – 240 MSP – BUY IT HERE

City Tuesday – 80 MSP - BUY IT HERE

Cthulu Saves the World – 80 MSP - BUY IT HERE 

Diehard Dungeon – 80 MSP – BUY IT HERE

Entropy – 80 MSP - BUY IT HERE


Gateways! – 80 MSP - BUY IT HERE

Pixel – 80 MSP - BUY IT HERE

qrth-phyl – 80 MSP - BUY IT HERE

Sententia – 80 MSP - BUY IT HERE

Smooth Operators – 80 MSP - BUY IT HERE

SpeedRunner HD – 240 MSP - BUY IT HERE

Super Amazing Wagon Adventure – 80 MSP - BUY IT HERE

Take Arms – 80 MSP - BUY IT HERE 

Xenominer – 80 MSP - BUY IT HERE

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