We Are Utah Raptor Games

Utah Raptor Games LLC is a small, privately-held video game studio based in Oxford, Mississippi. Our offices are located at Insight Park, a startup incubator located on the campus of the University of Mississippi.

Insight Park offers us access to, among other things, incredibly snazzy bathrooms.

Our company was formed in September 2011, and we’ve recently completed our first game. We currently have two more mobile projects in the works.

The Team

The core of the Utah Raptor Games team is composed chiefly of two founders:

Ryan Rigney – @RKRigney

Ryan is CEO of Utah Raptor Games, and handles all of the daily minutia required to successfully run a business, including–but not limited to–writing the text you’re reading this very moment. Ryan is also a reporter for Wired and the author of a book about iOS games.

Jonathan Broom – @JABuffalo

Jonathan is the lead programmer and CTO of Utah Raptor Games. As lead programmer, he does the real dirty work of game development, but refuses to properly comment his code like he knows he should.

Although all Utah Raptor Games productions are directed by us, the co-founders, we often hire many additional team members on a contract basis to work with our studio. This often includes artists, musicians, and additional programmers. Without these talented individuals, the games we create wouldn’t be possible. Or, at the very least, they’d be super ugly and sort of bad.

Contact Us

To contact us for any reason, shoot us an email. If you reach out, we will respond as soon as we can.